October 25, 2012

The dam has burst.....

Okay, I have been silent on this whole presidential election for as long as I can.  Its not that I really think anyone is probably going to read this post, let alone consider it important but, I must release all this built up frustration or face the white coats.  I have had quite a time this election choosing a candidate.  Because for me both parties candidates have some positions that I think are very important and yet they seem totally mutually exclusive.

On the one hand, I support many of the social issues that Obama does and yet I cannot support his determination to spend billions of dollars on more entitlement programs for which we really do not have the money to spend.  What we really need is smaller less intrusive government and lower taxes.  Not lower taxes with more government or higher taxes with more government!  We are at the point now where the government is dictating to us what we must do because we have let it get so large that it is the large elephant in the corner that no one wants to deal with. So, we just keep going about our business while it poops in the corner and stinks up the place.  Our government is supposed to serve at our request not the other way around.  Do we really need a Department of Energy? What do they do for us, the public? Provide us with that wonderful average price per gallon of gas across the country each week?  Whoa! What would I do with out that!

I guess my point is, if we are going to keep bitching about what the government should do for us then we should be willing to belly up to the bar and pay for it.  We must either quit printing money to pay for programs we do not have the money for or pay higher taxes and have the social programs we think that we want.  Unfortunately, history has shown that these types of programs are abused, mismanaged and promote unmotivated masses that actually ends up dividing the country even further by pitting those who pay taxes and those whom do not.

My perfect candidate would believe the following:

  • Women should have the right to do with their bodies as they see fit.  
  • Gays should have the right to get into a legal union in the eyes of the law as much as any heterosexual couple.   
  • Health Care - Obamacare is not the answer.  I feel the real problem is abusive litigation and insurance company interference. Limit malpractice suits and restrict the power that insurance companies have over us and our doctors.
  • Taxes must be lowered and government must be smaller.
  • Congress should have term limits because it is stagnate and full of self serving individuals.
  • The government must not spend more than it pulls in taxes unless the country is at war.
  • War should only be undertaken if our country is attacked or immediately threatened.  Not because we want oil or for political reasons.
  • The draft should be reinstated so that the military will not be used as a foreign policy/political pawn. Young men and women are being used simply because they are "volunteers" by our government.
  • Church and State are supposed to be divided. We should keep it that way.

There, I said it.  What a relief.  We may not agree but that is what this country is all about.  Stating our values and ideas and then compromising to come up with a solution that is acceptable to both sides.

We seem to have forgotten how to do that.