September 02, 2005

The Sellout of the American IT Worker

This is shocking!
Okay this outsourcing thing has gone far enough. Don't get me wrong, I'm not really anti-foreign worker but, I am pro-American worker. Why are all these corporations selling the American worker out? How can these corporations think that Americans and especially its employees (those left who are actually still American citizens) should be loyal to them and buy their products and services when they are treating fellow Americans this way for a few bucks?!?! Check out the website it has some really disturbing numbers on how many technical workers have been replaced with off shore workers. I've had enough! We need to send a message to these corporations that if they want to do business with Americans they should hire Americans!

Tell your Representative and Senators to:

Cosponsor Representative Tancredo's HR 2688 to repeal the H-1B visa program.
Cosponsor Representative DeLauro's HR 2702 to close the L-1 visa loophole.

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