February 05, 2010

Jonathan Coulton Concert

I went to the Jonathan Coulton Concert last night and had a blast. Paul and Storm opened for him and were a hoot. Jonathan and P&S all seemed to really be having a good time up on stage and were funny while simultaneously demonstrating that they are excellent musicians. Paul and Storm came back out with Jonathan to back him up on several songs and they were great together. They closed the show with a rendition of "Istanbul" by "They Might Be Giants" and it rocked. The location of the concert was the Granada Theater. A marvelously intimate venue that was nostalgic and great acoustically. The Granada is a  small hall like that makes you feel like the acts are almost playing just for you. The crowd was terrific and was made up of many devoted fans that sang a number of the songs with him. If he is coming to town you should consider checking Jonathan out. If you like "They Might Be Giants" or "Barenaked Ladies" then you would love Jonathan and Paul and Storm.

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