February 28, 2010

Where have all the patriots gone?

Okay... I have to say up front, I have never been a fan of the "universal" health care concept.  I mean, its not that I don't care about people who have no coverage.  It must be horrible to be sick and have to choose whether you eat next week or go to the doctor. To me the issue of who has insurance is not the root of the problem. The root has festered for decades and it has to do with liability and tort laws and too many lawyers wanting to make "quick" money. I mean I have insurance through my employer (and pay through the nose for it) and I even wince at the notion of going to the doctor because it is just SOOOOOO EXPENSIVE!  But those are whole other issues that are not what I wanted to talk about.

Given all those variables I mentioned above, health care in this country is probably the best anywhere and it costs like it.  What bothered me this week is that our Congress is controlled by those who seem determined to pass ANY health care bill  they can no matter what the consequences are.  I mean if these people truly were patriotic and cared deeply about our country then why would they want to put the next 10 generations of U.S. children in debt up to their eyeballs.  I mean the numbers they have been throwing around are almost impossible for anyone to really grasp.  Our national debt right now is somewhere between 11 and 12 TRILLION dollars.  Its hard to even imagine how much money that is let alone the 900 TRILLION dollars that they are estimating a "universal" health care bill will cost the U.S. in just the next TEN years.  That is only 10 years of cost.  I don't know about you but, we cannot afford something like that whether it is a noble and good cause or not.  Where are we going to get that kind of money?!  This type of thinking is completely ludicrous!  The people trying to push this type of legislation through could not be true patriots. No true patriot would bankrupt their own country!!  The only reason someone would want to push something like this through is that they have a private agenda or they just don't care about our future.  We need to elect new leadership and a new Congress that will address the issues and not which party is promoting an issue!  We need people who care about our future and the future of our country not their own selfish wants or personal agendas.

 If you think the debt problem in Greece looks really bad, which has been living on borrowed money for all of their entitlement and subsidized programs for years, then this issue should really scare you. We will make that problem look microscopic.  A debt load of this magnitude for the United States will eventually bankrupt us and pull the rest of the world economies down too...... and they may never recover.

Where have all the patriots gone?

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