August 16, 2005

iPod problems, BUMMER!

Well it had to happen sooner or later. Of course, it was just as I was getting really comfortable listening to my daily podcasts the unthinkable happens....."Unknown Error has occurred while updating iPod (-36)". Well I don't know about you but this not only sent cold shivers up my spine but, it also didn't mean squat to me either. What the hell is unknown error (-36)?!?! If it's unknown then why does it have a number associated with it?!!?! I was lost. Then after about an hour, I was pissed! My iPod was sick and now I was not going to be able to pass the time at work while listening to my favorite podcasts!!! I might actually have to pass the time working or something!!! After spazing out for a few minutes I was slapped a few times by my wife (she likes it anyway) and I found a great site on the internet in case you have some iPod problems too. From the number of hits I found in Google for iPod errors, I'm apparently not alone. The site is called and they have an iPod support page that has several scenarios that you might use to help your sick iPod. Check it out. When you are comepletely lost it sure is great that someone has taken the time to help out with a page like this.

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