August 11, 2005

Wright Amendment is WRONG!

I have to say..... I read a story today about another politician who's pockets must be a little heavier today. Ms. Eddie Bernice Johnson (30th Congressional District Texas) has decided, for who knows what reason, that she not only backs the Wright Amendment but, she wants to close Love Field. She wants to close one of the largest economic engines in her district!!! Hows that for a stick in the eye!!! I wrote an email to her ( even though she does not accept emails from any concerned U.S. citizen but, only from those people living in her district) trying to tell her how dumb this idea is.

The following is the letter I sent her (that she will probably trash):
Ms. Johnson, I read a story today in The Dallas Morning News and I just had to write and tell you how dumb your reasoning is. My beef is about your stand on the Wright amendment and I cannot believe your flawed logic that you are using to try and rationalize your position. First, competition does not exist at DFW(American Airlines Airport) so closing Love would strangle the areas consumers even more. Second, many, and I REPEAT, MANY larger metropolitan areas support two and even three airports and there is plenty of good competition which in the long run is good for everyone (Chicago, Houston, Seattle etc.). Third, the fact that you own property (even thru a trust and even with out control of its operations) should preclude you from the argument due to conflicts of interest. Even if you don't have control in the operation, you do have an interest in keeping the enterprise viable. Fourth, competition and jobs are not created by restrictive legislation but, by competition and letting the consumer decide what the market should offer not some politician who doesn't even support her own constituents best interests! Unbelievable! Man, am I glad you are not representing me!

Please contact your congressman or Senator and let them know you are tired of them deciding what is "best" for us. We should decide not some far removed self-serving politician. Do I hear an AYE for term limits!?

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