August 09, 2005

John C. Dvorak says shrink-wrapped OS X coming.

"Dvorak: Steve Jobs eventually intends for Apple's Mac OS X to run on any x86 PC." He says it is all a plot to overthrow Vista. I agree completely! Jobs is going to let the demand for his OSX on white boxes build until he has no choice (either because of hacked copies of OSX out on the internet or until he thinks its right to do it). I'm sure Gates has already played out this scenario in his mind and it probably is a wee bit scary! Get your Apple stock now while its only $43. It will seem cheap in a few years when you look back at the opportunity you missed out on!!!!

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c_neil said...

Just because an operating system is superior doesn't mean consumers will take it. OS2 was powerful and stable, but people stuck with Windows. I'm pretty sure whoever gets their stuff preinstalled is who will win the OS wars. Microsoft clearly has an advantage.

tbechtx said...

Well to a large degree you are probably correct. But many PC manufacturers would pretty much have to offer the OS if it became shrink wrapped. I don't think MS would be able to force them to only sell Windows. From Microsofts standpoint, any intrusion into its "territory" could be disasterous. I'm sure the corporate world would be very unlikely to switch in the near future since they have a huge investment in servers and infrastructure but home users and small offices could easily switch and even a 20% loss of market for MS would be devastating!